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The Weather Channel is one of the best Android apps that you can download from the Android market. The newly enhanced Weather Channel gives you a much better and richer weather experience. Due to customers’ feedback, many improvements were made such as a brand new user interface that includes user-friendly navigation between main weather screens and easier access to maps like animated radar and personalized weather maps. These weather maps are also capable of giving specific weather forecasts, conditions, alerts, notifications and the current temperature.

Google TV: Probably one of the most talked about items from this year’s I/O conference was Google TV. Google has joined together with Sony, Intel, and Logitech to develop its new « smart » TV. Google boldly states that its TV will « change the future of television. » You can purchase a TV with Google TV built in, or alternatively, you can purchase a separate set top box to plug into your current TV. Google TV allows you to seamlessly blend web surfing and channel surfing, allowing you to watch video online on your TV instead of viewing it on your computer. Sounds great to me. A price hasn’t been released yet, but Google TV should be available for purchase Fall 2010.

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This phone is dubbed as the first hybrid device and it is a cross between a tablet and a phone. It please click the following internet site app development proposal read full report comes with a whopping 5.3″ Super AMOLED screen display with a resolution of 800 x 1280 pixels and at 285 ppi for its pixel density. The phone’s screen is protected by the tough Corning Gorilla Glass. The phone’s actual dimensions are 146.9 x 83 x 9.7mm and it weighs read full report app development kolkata please click the following page at 178 grams. For something this Nexus 7 case big, it is truly surprising how light weight it actually is.

Thousands of free and best App For Iphone were created for the iPhone – making it the most vibrant computing platform. These apps added tremendous value to the iPhone because it could be used to do many amazing things.

If you have an Android, here is a great deal for apps. Amazon has a new store called the Appstore for Android. The site offers many free and paid apps. Right now the Amazon Appstore is offering a paid app for free every day. Today’s free app is Doodle Jump.

Android 2.2: android developer announced that a new version, Android 2.2, is coming soon. As an Android user myself, this comes as exciting news. So what’s new in the upcoming version? Android 2.2 promises an increase in performance and speed, at the rate of 2-5x its current speed. This translates into a faster browser as well, as Android 2.2 incorporates the V8 JavaScript engine, and in turn, a 2-3x JavaScript performance improvement. In addition to speed and overall performance, there are also additions to the android market, as well as new API’s and enterprise capabilities to increase its appeal to businesses and corporations.

After I was relieved of my Window mounted GPS in the robbery, I reverted to my Droid X using the built in Navigation system with Google. It performed flawlessly, rerouted quickly, gave voice guidance, and the 3D photo background is amazing. As far as I know, no other application has this feature. Go Google.

Is your app free to use? No problem, you can still earn from it. A great way to make your app generate revenue is to include ads in it. Just remember to design the game with space for an ad banner. You can then use the iAd Network to place paid ads in your app or game and earn every time a user clicks on the banner. Actually, you can make it work for you in two ways because you can have an ad-supported free version of your app and offer an upgrade to a paid, ad-free version for a modest fee.

Remember back in ye olden Ios App company days when you were young and you went for the Sunday drive with your family. Stopping here for food and there for directions so you could get back on the road again? Most kids today don’t get to enjoy the Sunday drive with the family. iPhone is about to change that with SundayDrive for iPhone.

The Android OS is becoming a very popular operating system for mobile phones. The marketshare of Android phone is quickly increasing and every cell phone carrier now has at least one Android phone in their lineup. Every cell phone manufacturer is also jumping on the bandwagon. The number of apps available for Android phones is now over 20,000.

In the world of affordable and handy applications there is Discover Pro. This is a file sharing app that allows you to share files between phones using a wifi connection (whether or not both phones are Android models) as well as sending files from the phone to your computer. This application makes it easy to work away from your computer (and helps free up a lot of time that you probably spend e-mailing). This app sends and receives more than document files. Photos and other types of files can be sent as well!